Drifting House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Drifting house decor idea depicting well structured ligneous door
Drifting house decoration displaying white bathtub and hanging black cabinetry
Drifting house design idea showing well ordered ligneous fence and row foot resting
Drifting house design picture exhibiting sheen white lighting and square pool
Drifting house furniture completed with white lounge chairs and gray paving
Drifting house furniture filled with white wall shelving and glass wall
Drifting house interior adorned with single white bed and plain white drape

Have you ever seen an area which is surrounded with water so the only means of transportation is a boat. Or a tourist attraction which offers to sail the quiet river. Using the paddle, the boat runs slowly, so that we can enjoy the charming scenery around the river channel. Inspired from here, we can also realize our dwelling in the middle of the pond. What does this mean? Our home is as if floating on water, Wow, this is cool! Definitely, it feels amazingly fun. When we opened the window, we could touch the water that is right under our window. It is very terrific. Maybe, we are still a little confused with the design. Then take a look at some of the images below.

Therefore, let us look at the last picture. The picture shows a glass-walled house is located on top of a square pool. The most interesting thing here is the sheen of light that comes out at nightfall. The house becomes like a lantern floating in the air. The glass wall that surrounds the house, making the house look dazzling. Can you imagine when the night comes, you gather with the people we care about. A moment that cannot be forgotten, we will experience there. A unity that cannot be compared to anything.Especially when we look at the picture number two. The fence which is made from the wood neatly lined up around the pool. It is truly an awesome sight. Amid the pool, it is built a footrest which across the middle of the pond. Then, we can walk around there. Furthermore, there is something which makes the pool feels life is the presence of some of the plants that grow there. So the pool is like a natural flow of water.


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