Having high art value with Wall Street Studios by Axis Mundi Design

comfortable room design idea by using white sofa then placing beautiful pictures on the wall as the accessory
designing a beautiful room by placing beautiful and unique lamp above the wooden table
designing a comfortable bedroom with using white bed and wooden florr then using some pictures as the accessory
designing a room by using elegant color such as a grey color for the wall
designing a room by using red curtain looks interesting
interesting and comfortable living room by using glass window as the air circulation
living room design idea with using red sofa and carpet then placing some pictures on the white wall

Hi everybody! In this beautiful chance, I will discuss about the interesting design home that is about Wall Street Studios. This residence was designed by Axis Mundi Design. It is located in USA, exactly in New York.

The characteristic of this design is having the colorful appearance. This design uses the main color of white, and then it is combined with the bright colors such as red and blue. The followings are some pictures about the design of Wall Street Studios by Axis Mundi Design. As you can see on the picture, in the living room design, it is used red sofa then there are many pictures in bright colors placed on the white wall. This room looks intere3sting because it uses the match color between sofa and carpet. The room is comfortable by there is glass window that makes the air enter to the room easily. It will make the room fresh. Then, hanging the beautiful lamps above the wooden table makes this room more interesting.

This design has the high art value. In the family room, there are also some beautiful pictures hang on the white wall. In this family room, the pictures that are placed in black color. It is very suitable if it matches with white wall. Then, placing white sofa is a great idea to get the interesting and beautiful appearance. Don’t forget about the light setting. Light setting will make the room more perfect. This design uses wooden floor. It creates the natural impression that makes the rooms comfortable.

Well, it is about the design home that is Wall Street Studios by Axis Mundi Design. I hope by reading this article, you will get the inspiration to design your home so it becomes a comfortable and interesting place for you. It is because a home is everything!


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