Japanese Minimalist Home Design for Small Area

architectural japanese home design for hills area with exclusive kitchen room
city home design with car park and palm tress also backyard
concrete japanese home design with car park and garage
concrete japanese home for office and shop with parking lot
havoc japanese home design for refugee with air conditioner
japanese home design for tight area with garage and wood wall
pillaster japanese home design with garage and yellow lightbulb
solid japanese home design with suitable garage in sharp shape
triangle japanese home design with solar cell roof and art display room
unbalanced home idea with straight line wall and car park
unpretentious home design with big garden and rattan swing

Do you plan to build a home for yourself but you do not have many areas for it? Or you live in a small country which does not have much land? If one of them is the problem, we will provide you with the home solution. The one way which you can use to solve the problem is by seeking a way with the home design. You must not use the design which will use many space and area.

Japanese is known as modern technology country. They know as the source of many ideas in technology even they get name as the Land of the Rising Sun. They are known with their infrastructure. They have discovered many technologies which are sold in international market. With the large just for about 377,873km², they can influence many countries in the world. Although they just have small area but they never get a problem in property, industry and people growth. How is it happen? The reason is in their design. Japanese home design is made simple but multifunction.

Then, this is why we adopt Japanese concept and idea to solve your problem. As you can see in our design, the design itself is built minimalize but it function maximal. One of our designs is long-square home design. Although you just have small area or land, you can still get a home with a garage. You do not need to worry about where you will park your car. If you like a unique design, you can apply our triangle home design. It designs triangle because the rooftop of this home is many solar cells which are used to change the electricity when it goes out. All of the design is our minimalist home design which can be used for you who just have small are or for you who stay in typographic area. Therefore, small area does not become problem which cancels your plan.

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