Remarkable Staircase As Sleek Connective

Charming double winder stair exhibiting brown rail and white landing
Comfortable half landing stair adorned with creamy wall and gray rug
Cozy quarter landing stair displaying patched banister and rectangular wall shelving
Fascinating half landing stair accompanied with red brick wall and wooden floor
Incredible arched stair showing brown fish bone landing and silver banister
Lovely half landing stair filled with dark brown footing stair and silver rail
Natural arched stair surrounded with gray stone wall and curved roof
Pleasant straight stair decorated with pink wooden footing stair and iron rail
Snug half landing stair representing white footing stair and crystal chandelier

Having a two-story house requires a ladder to connect the rooms. Before building a stair, we must adapt to the room where the stairs will be built. With this consideration, the stair is not only as a staircase connecting, but it can also decorate the home. It is because there are a lot of stairs styles. In some of the pictures below will display various forms of stairs that would probably be a fresh idea for our house.

The most common type of stair is a straight stair. This type of stair assists us in climbing stairs while carrying the goods. It also has a medium high, so that the safe is safe for our children. This type of staircase can be seen in picture number six. There are other advantages to apply this straight ladder as seen in the last picture. In the picture, the stair is combined with the white slide. The white slide is attached to the wall so that it can be used as a children’s playground.In addition, there is the type of stair which is commonly applied to the staircase namely, the half landing stair. This type of staircase has a landing in the middle of the ladder. This landing usually turns its direction and has a rather wide surface. Thus, it could be a place to rest when going up or down the stair. This type of staircase can be seen in picture number two. This type of stair is safe for the children.There are other types of stair, such as curved staircase which is seen in picture number one. The staircase has a landing like a fish bone. All kinds of stairs is able to be the connecting floor but it can also be a sweetener room in our homes.

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