Warped Red Bookcase design In Paagman Book Store

Bookcase design appearing granite floor tiles and black bottom layer
Bookcase design depicting square red seat frame and hanging round white lampshade
Bookcase design displaying well ordered book arrangement
Bookcase design exhibiting range red framed door
Bookcase design representing light white blue layer bookcase
Bookcase design representing rows of round white pads and glossy red rack
Bookcase design showing dashing arched red bookshelve with white shelving
Bookcase design showing shinny white bookshelves wall and transparent glass window treatment

With sophisticated technology, today everything can be dazzling thing. Especially, if the object is a simple thing that we often encounter. To see objects with the same design, surely it is boring. It is because humans have a soul of art and love with beauty. If these two things could be applied to a simple object, then it will invite admiration. We take the example of a bookshelf. The bookcase is a common thing in any building. By giving a little touch of art, then we would be made stunned as shown in the following figures. A beautiful curved red book shelf in a bookstore. Generally, bookcase has a straight frame, but this time bookshelf has an amazing shape. The bookcase also provides seating area that is embedded in a wall rack as shown in the first picture. A square frame with white pad becomes a reading place. It is a new sight, right?


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